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Your trusted Schiphol Taxi for Years;
Need a Schiphol taxi immediately? Call us: +31 85 30 18 311
Save up to 50% on the Schiphol taxi;
Pay in the taxi or online with iDeal or credit card;
Available 24/7 by phone.
Your trusted Schiphol Taxi for years;
Need a Schiphol taxi immediately? Call us: +31 85 30 18 311
Save up to 50% on the Schiphol taxi;
Pay in the taxi or online with iDeal or credit card;
Available 24/7 by phone.

Book your taxi from and to Schiphol Airport

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How does it work?

1). Enter your full address with house number.
2). Enter the desired date and time.
3). Select the desired vehicle and number of people.

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Travel cheaply to Schiphol and pay less for the taxi than you would for the bus or train. You can order a Schiphol taxi 24/7. Order a taxi by phone if you need a taxi within 6 hours. 

Pickup from Schiphol Airport

Enter the landing time of your flight. We keep an eye on your flight number, so always enter the full flight number. Once you have landed, the driver will contact you.

Customer reviews

B. Verveer
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Jullie waren op tijd en de chauffeur was erg behulpzaam en vriendelijk. Vijf sterren ga zo door!
Rurik Zakharova
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Excellent service!
J. van Lierop
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Bedankt voor de veilige reis. De volgende keer zullen wij weer boeken
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Goede service!! De chauffeur hielp mij met de rolstoel en koffers
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Mijn tas vergeten in taxi maar de chauffeur kwam hem terugbrengen, mijn complimenten
Melvin Overeem
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Goede service, professionele chauffeurs en op tijd.
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Great service and low in price
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Nette taxi
Emil Stiekel
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Super service tegen goede tarieven. Meerdere keren gebruik van gemaakt en verloopt altijd zoals gewenst.
van Kesteren
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Taxi voor mijn moeder geboekt van Schiphol naar Voorthuizen, goede oplossing, geen gesjouw met de koffers en ik kreeg een bevestiging van de chauffeur dat hij onderweg was met mijn moeder. Complimenten van fam van Kesteren
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Very friendly and helpful. I had a good conversation with the driver. Thank you for the service
Zhang Li
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Taxi was ready before the agreed time and brought us smoothly to Schiphol. Next time we will certainly use the services of this company again.
Chauffeur van Budget Schiphol Taxi onderweg naar Schiphol

Traveling for business?

We are happy to take care of all your business transport. Travel comfortably in our luxury cars. You can continue to work while the driver takes you safely to your destination. You will receive the invoice by e-mail, so that you can easily declare the costs. Do you travel more often? Then you can choose to receive the bill weekly or monthly. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Going on vacation?

Budget Schiphol Taxi offers excellent service at competitive rates for both business and private customers. Our drivers are happy to help you with the luggage and bring you comfortably and safely to your destination. As soon as we have your flight information, we can ensure that you are picked up and/or brought home on time.

Booking a taxi

Fill in your details as completely as possible.


We have your address with house number, your name, your telephone number and your flight number. required. It is important that the data you enter belongs to one of the travelers.


This allows us to ensure that we can always serve you well.

Yes certainly! It is therefore important that you enter the correct e-mail address and telephone number. If anything is unclear, we can contact you.


After booking, you will receive an invoice and booking confirmation by e-mail containing all the details.


Have you not received an e-mail? Then the confirmation email may be in your spam box.

A maximum of 4 people may travel in a passenger car. A taxi bus has a maximum of 8 people.

1. Check your booking details

Please check the details on your booking confirmation. It is especially important that the departure and arrival dates & times, flight number and mobile phone number are correct. Always use the contact details of the persons traveling with you. This allows the driver to reach the travelers.


2. Change details

Are certain data incorrect or have they changed? Please contact us to change the data. You can email or call us.


3. Cancellation

You can cancel a reservation free of charge up to 3 hours before the start of the ride.

Payment & rates

Because we use competitive fixed prices, we can be up to 50% cheaper than a regular taxi company. We do not use the taximeter so that we can offer you a favorable rate.


The price is calculated in advance based on the shortest route. Even if the driver has to make a detour due to road works or an accident, the rate will not change. There are no additional costs afterwards. In many cases, the Budget Schiphol taxi is cheaper than a train or bus.


Avoid unpleasant surprises and book your Budget Schiphol Taxi right away!

It is possible to pay for the ride in advance with: iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, PayPal, manual transfer and Bancontact.


It is also possible to pay for the taxi on the spot after the ride by means of cash, debit (pin) or credit card.


For the safety of our drivers, we prefer if you pay online in advance.

No, there are no additional costs. You actually pay for the amount you have booked.


Are you with more than 4 people? Then order a taxi bus. You will then pay a little more.


You always order a taxi at Budget Schiphol Taxi for you and your party. You will never share the taxi with other travelers.

Yes, you can. Driving on account is intended for companies and is only possible after we have verified you.


Contact us for more information.

Luggage & special requests

In a passenger car there is room for 2 to 3 suitcases. A taxi bus fits an average of 10 suitcases, depending on the size.


Do you think that the luggage does not fit in a passenger car? Then order a taxi bus or contact us.

Yes, that is no problem. The condition is that you must indicate this in advance. This allows us to ensure that your ride is comfortable and smooth for you and your pet (s).


Do you want to bring pets? Please contact us or put it in the comments when booking.

Yes, this is no problem. When folded, a wheelchair always fits in a taxi bus.


Are you unable to get out of your wheelchair? Then you need a wheelchair taxi. We can arrange this for you on request.


A wheelchair taxi is more expensive than a regular taxi bus. Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

No, the taxi does not have a high chair. Taxis have an exemption from the requirement of child seats set by law. More information can be found here.


Would you rather have a high chair in the taxi? That is possible. Please contact us or indicate this in the comments when booking.

Where can you find the taxi or taxi bus at Schiphol?

Are you arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from abroad? We keep an eye on your flight and ensure that the driver is ready for you. After you have landed, the driver will call or message you to arrange where you meet. It is therefore important that you switch on your phone and give us the correct number.

If you have been in contact with the driver, you can call him later or send a message when you have collected all the luggage. The driver will then tell you exactly where he is waiting for you. If you have any problems with your luggage, please let us know immediately.

Departure halls

In order to serve you well and quickly, the meeting point with the driver at Schiphol is at the departure halls. The driver will help you with the luggage, after which you can leave immediately.

To get from the arrivals hall to the departure halls, you must go up 1 floor. You can easily get up by elevator or escalator.

Are you having trouble to find the driver of departure hall? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.